• 22nd Annual Conference of Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association | 22–24 Dec 2023 | Gorakhpur


22nd Annual Conference of Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association
December 22–24, 2023 | Gorakhpur, India

About Us

Welcome to the land of Mahayogi Guru Gorakshnath, Saint Kabir, and Lord Buddha. The epicentre of sanatan literature publication Geeta press. The core theme of UPDACON 2023 is "Controversies in diabetes".

     “Controversial” as we all know, is often a euphemism for “Interesting and Intelligent”. In the science of medicine we know that only few things are entirely black or white, but more often different shades of grey.The beauty of modern medicine is that it is always open to make changes with evolving evidences. Modern medicine’s basic strength lies in innovative ideas, developing hypothesis, implementing it in RCT’S and drawing conclusions. The other strength lies in Real world evidences and meta-analysis of these studies. As already premised the conclusions are not always black or white, and that is why the recommending bodies debate on various issues to arrive on a consensus before drafting the guidelines, and mind you these are not rules but guidelines.

     Every clinician is free to use his/her clinical acumen/judgement for each patient on one to one basis. Must be remembering the Rosiglitazone controversy of 2010, raised after post marketing meta-analysis done by Steve Nissen, highlighting statistically significant increased CV events which led to its suspension both by US-FDA and EMA.

           After this study of Steve Nissen it was felt by US-FDA and later by EMA that cardiovascular safety data is needed for any sugar lowering molecule and not only sugar lowering efficacy, and CV safety study was made mandatory. Now we not only look for glucose lowering capacity in reference to placebo but also CV safety and Renal safety. With more and more use of CGM a new vista of glycaemic control opened up : Glycaemic Variability and TIR. Now we know that two person with same HbA1c can have different TIR. Taking this in view the new studies are incorporating CGM and TIR also along with HbA1c.Use of OHA in pregnancy is controversial. Different studies have different outcomes. Though Diet modification is the basic and integral part of metabolic disease management, there is enormous confusion about diet plan. To name few Atkins diet, Low Carb Vs Normal carb, Keto diet, Low calorie Vs Time restricted feeding/ various Intermittent fasting regimes. In 2023 UPDACON our Scientific chair Dr Manoj Srivastava is making a cocktail of topics on the controversies in diabetes to be addressed in the two day conference so that when you go back to your desk your clouded mind is clear and you are better enabled to write a treatment plan to your patient.
        We invite all our industry partners to attend & participate the 22nd Annual Convergence of Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association (UPDACON 2023) will be held on Dec., 22 to 24, 2023 at Gorakhpur.
      UPDACON provides an excellent opportunity for “Healthcare related industry” to interact with the delegates, specialists and faculty in the field of Diabetes and allied specialities and build new relationship. We extend a warm welcome to all our pharmaceutical and laboratory industry partners.

Conference Secretariate


Dr. Sudhir Kumar

Dr. R. K. Singh Lane, Sumer Sagar, Gorakhpur (U.P.) 273001 (INDIA)
Email- updacongkp@gmail.com

With best Wishes and regards,