• 22nd Annual Conference of Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association | 22–24 Dec 2023 | Gorakhpur


22nd Annual Conference of Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association
December 22–24, 2023 | Gorakhpur, India


Dr. Anubha Srivastava
Scientific Co-Chairperson (UPDACON 2023)

Meet Dr. Anubha Srivastava, the esteemed Scientific Co-Chairperson for UPDACON 2023. With an impressive array of qualifications, including MBBS, MD (Medicine), MMSc (Endocrinology), FRCPE, FISH, and Fellow UPDA, she is an accomplished endocrinologist with extensive experience. Currently serving as a respected professor in the Department of Medicine at MLN Medical College, Prayagraj, Dr. Anubha Srivastava’s contributions to the medical field have garnered well-deserved recognition. Her accolades include receiving the ACP Wellness Award and Dr. SS Rastogi Memorial Award in 2021, as well as the Padmakar Tripathi Young Scientist Award and Investigator of the Year Award in ISH at BPCON in 2018.

Dr. Anubha Srivastava’s dedication to advancing healthcare extends beyond her academic pursuits. In the past, she held the esteemed position of Joint Secretary in the Diabetes Education Foundation. Her passion for research is evident through her numerous national and international publications, which have significantly contributed to the medical community’s knowledge and understanding.

As part of UPDACON 2023, researchers are encouraged to submit their research papers to Dr. Anubha Srivastava via email at drvarma_anubha@yahoo.co.in. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious conference and share your research with esteemed professionals in the field.

Research Paper to be sent to this Email Id: drvarma_anubha@yahoo.co.in